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Property Tax Estimator by County

The Villages, Florida spans 3 bordered counties  Lake, Marion & Sumter.  Each county has its own Millage rate.  Below are links to the three county Property Appraiser Sites.  In Florida you property taxes are based on the SELLING PRICE of the home, any taxes shown on listings is what the current owner pays, not what you will pay.
Also, the are different assessments by county which are due annually.
Please NOTE, that you are considered a permanent resident if you spend 6 months or more in your residence here and have a Florida Drivers License.
Select the County and enter SALE PRICE of the home.
Lake County Tax Estimator
  • Note select "Property Location" as Lady Lake -- Fruitland Park for Villages of Pine Hills and Pine Ridge
  • Homestead if you are permanent resident
Marion County Property Tax Estimator
  • Select Tax District from Drop Down = 6701 The Village
  • Homestead if you are permanent resident
Sumter County Tax Estimator
  • Tax District drop down = "County not in city limit  or for Village of Fenny Select Wildwood
  • Homestead if you are permanent resident
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